The Gray area is the Ouachita Region.

Party on the Lakes at the Ouachita Region in Arkansas.

Ouachita Mountains:

 The Ouachita Mountains were formed by a collapse in the South American Plate.

Current events on or near the Ouachita Mountains:

 The Arkansas Derby is coming soon to Oaklawn!

 Sarah Mesko performed at 3 pm December 19,2011 in Hot Springs.

 A Hot Springs High School now allows students to get P.E credit.






Created By: Noah Carraway 

Ouachita Region your home away from


The Ouchitas the greatest part of the Natural State.


 Ouachita Region why visit:

Visit the Ouachita Region.Why?Because of all that fun pacted into one small region. Visit all of the lakes are maybe just one, hike the mountains,and go have some fun!